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Veronique (25): "the volunteers of Coronahelpers are as important as our nurses"

My name is Veronique and I am 25 years old, living in Amsterdam.

My first symptom was just tiredness, followed by cough and chest pain. Although it didn't feel different from the normal flu, I would not take any chances. Luckily, I am not in an at-risk group but it would be a worst-case scenario if my carelessness would put someone else at life's risk. So I decided to self-isolate until I was 24h symptom-free.

But I underestimated what that meant. At that time, hamster buys weren't an issue yet and I did not believe it would come to a bottleneck situation with any kind of resources. I stocked up food with the delivery service of AH. During the following days of my isolation, the public sentiment shifted, and due to a massive increase in demand, both AH and Jumbo home deliveries were booked out until April. Although the supermarkets look a bit bare at the moment due to hamster buys, it surely will get better, the suppliers do the best they can. 

I'm not gonna lie, I panicked a little when I noticed that my stash emptied and my symptoms persisted. As I used up the kibble for my pet, I was at the breaking point, thinking that I failed and have no other choice than going grocery shopping again. But the thought of it turned my stomach, I still felt weak from the flu and coughed a lot. It would have been very irresponsible to break the quarantine.

Then I got the tip to look for help from local organizations. I never thought it would come to this. I am a young, able, otherwise healthy woman. I felt like an imposter calling those phone numbers, but all of the people that I spoke to about my current state were very understanding and the volunteers who help are truly everyday-heroes! I was so relieved, I wasn't alone.

Some organizations focusing on matching helpers with those in need. Although I did get a callback from the matchmaker, I did not know how long it would take until someone in my neighborhood will be found. Then I made an account with Coronahelpers, on this platform it is people for people, skipping the middleman. I posted a help request and got multiple responses. I was overwhelmed by the solidarity! The groceries were delivered the same day to the front door and I paid for them using Tikkie. Easy as that. I hope that I am better soon, so I can return the favor to others in my neighborhood.

In our modern-day society, I was so used to move freely, buy what I want, when I need it, and have an abundant selection on top of it: So the task "Stay at home and cope with what you have" is harder than it sounds. But no need to panic! People still watch each others' back 😊

In my opinion, the volunteers of Coronahelpers are as important as the nurses and firemen. Not just protecting people from spreading the virus, but also keeping up humanitarian acts of kindness. Fighting fear with love.

This situation is new for everybody. And it's not just food like in my case. Transporting goods, childcare, walking the dog, donations or have a chat. So many ways people have to restructure their lives when home-bound. I am glad to know, that communities like Coronahelpers exist, they are needed.

So, stay safe and healthy. Wash your hands. If you're at risk or feeling sick, stay at home and have no shame in asking for help.

And a big ❤️ to everyone who already supports their peers.

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