Do you want to help cleaning or structuring the house or cooking?

Organisation role · 1–4 hrs/Week
6551 ZZ, Weurt, Gelderland, Nederland
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Looking for help for a chronically ill young person!

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Do you want to make a difference in the life of a young, chronically ill person? Due to medical circumstances, some daily life things are difficult for me. Like cooking or structuring the house. Do you want to help? Unfortuenately my family lives far away and can't help me with these things. Your help is more than welcome!

(You can also join for dinner, if you like.) Let me know if you have questions or want te know more.

Bye for now! Lucas

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About 1-op-1 hulp

Sometimes someone is looking for help. For example, for shopping, chores at home or digital support. Or someone is looking for a social buddy to walk with and chat with. You will find this kind of 1-on-1 help questions on this page, where we bring supply and demand together.
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