Mobility scooter buddy in Beuningen

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Beuningen, Gelderland, Nederland
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Mr. 58 years old from Beuningen is looking for someone who wants to take rides together with a scooter (eg grab a terrace together).

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We are looking for a buddy who wants to take scooter rides with a 58-year-old gentleman from Beuningen to, for example, grab a terrace together. The gentleman has a mild intellectual disability and is less mobile due to muscle disease in the legs. As a result, he is dependent on scooter. He would love to tour with someone who also has a scooter. Man or woman doesn't matter.

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Sometimes someone is looking for help. For example, for shopping, chores at home or digital support. Or someone is looking for a social buddy to walk with and chat with. You will find this kind of 1-on-1 help questions on this page, where we bring supply and demand together.
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