Planning help wanted!

Organisation role · 1–3 hrs/Week
Kerkstraat, 6551 ZX Weurt, Nederland
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Who likes to help a 29-year-old man with daily and weekly planning? This can be done from home by telephone or you can visit Nijmegen.

Detailed description

Wil jij een rol spelen in het leven van een jongeman die het moeilijk vind om te plannen?

Getting there

It is the red apartment building near 't Weurtsche corner,
1 spot left.
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About 1-op-1 hulp

Sometimes someone is looking for help. For example, for shopping, chores at home or digital support. Or someone is looking for a social buddy to walk with and chat with. You will find this kind of 1-on-1 help questions on this page, where we bring supply and demand together.
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